pressed behind my eyes,

the last of my inner thoughts.

the pressure that moves in a juxtaposition,

leaves me fragmented in a deep field of, a

long time aggravated dream of lost hope.

my loose-leaf sheets begin to blow effortless

in the wind, and my eyes close to feel the

freshness, the evaporation, the peace of mind within.

nothing is leaving me but the ill words, the past have-nots,

and will dos, no one can seem to feel the uncomfortable,

unless its a foot in the wrong shoe.


I just want to drift away and fantasize of better days,

where my memories aren’t slayed, by the lost and the decay

of modern society which entices me to pray, for the

lush and lavish and words i cannot say.

losing my temperament, i am. i am. i am.

seen, alive, uplifted, transcribed, long hosed,

loose leafed, transgressed and often shy.

dreams and fallacies, cause me to lose sleep,

often thought off by human nature, the things that

make me weak like, soft tears billowing down a rose petal,

and single drop that’s heavy like concrete.


i am. i am. i am. reconnecting, my lost hope.

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