Lately, my late dreams.

Lately, my late dreams have been caressing my deepest thoughts. I generally try and hold on to the things that I’ve learned just growing up as my own person. Yeah, it was tough, but the reality is that everything that I touch indirectly, lies solely with me. Destiny and life will come, yes, but the decisions you make impact the way life, destiny, and happiness will effect your life. I admit it, God, I made sooo many mistakes. And most of all the fault my own, but if I just lie here in my own self loathe what will i achieve. My mind gets the best of me most times, My pessimistic view as an adult, as a person in general. I strive to do more, to be more, to live more. I want to be carefree but I know this comes as a cost, and anyone who tells you different is a liar. I want to be an inspiration. I am my own person, I am an individual.


Lately, my late dreams lead me to a corridor,

It holds my hand, caresses my wrist,

strangles my neck, and clenches it fist.

Lately, my late dreams, turn for the worst,

they spit at me, constantly, causing me hurt,

Like a flower wilting, parched, stemmed in half,

The sun, like God, provides life at last.

Lately, my late dreams are an inspiration,

a dream of dreams, a field of desperation,

until hope shows its face, and loses adaptation,

My late dreams, become my early aspirations.